Quick Tutorial on Retouching

Here’s a quick look at retouching a photo for an Amazon listing. It’s generally easier just to clean your product thoroughly before and during a shoot to minimize dust particles and smudges, but sometimes a dusty product can’t be avoided. The video above is an extreme example of some snorkeling goggles. The goggles were made of a sticky rubber that was absolutely impossible to get dust off of. In fact, the dust visible in the picture came from the microfiber cloth that was used to remove the particles of dust already on the product.

It’s always a frustration to have to retouch thoroughly in post, but the process can be frictionless once you get used to it. As seen in the video, I begin by using an inpainting tool. Essentially, this tool just uses artificial intelligence to fill in all of the blemishes that I paint over, with the computer’s best guess at what belongs there. I used Affinity Photo (available on Mac and iPad), but the same tool or its equivalent can be found in any professional piece of editing software equivalent to Photoshop.

Next, I touched up the rest of the photo with a basic blemish removal tool, which replaces whatever you selected with the texture you choose when dragging your pointer. The video is sped up, but the whole photo only took me about five minutes, and this is an extreme case. After retouching, don’t be afraid to adjust the crop, color, contrast, and rotation of your photo for the best results.

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