Video Tutorial: Photography Trick for Selling a Product Cluster



It’s quite common to sell multiples of the same product on a listing, but actually fairly difficult to get a good image for this. For products with any scale, it’s hard to get everything in frame and looking right. The easiest way around this is to photograph one of your products by itself, then edit in the rest later. As an example, I used a set of storage platters for food. In it, I took three images with slightly different food combinations, then edited it all together to look like a set of 6 platters. This composite provided great results for the listing. Give it a try!

All you need is a fundamental understanding of working with multiple layers, and a basic way to get a pure white background for your image. From there, it’s just drag and drop!

Take a look at the video above and if you have any issues, feel free to reach out with questions.

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