Using Artsy Photos to Sell on Amazon

People tend to look at the creative, artsy pictures on Instagram and the cut-and-dry product pictures on Amazon as totally different categories, but that is not necessarily the case! In today’s online environment, artsiness can be a tool to communicate your brand identity and to enhance the features of your products. Let’s examine these respectively:

Complimenting the Brand

Not everyone on Amazon is selling a cool technology product or a trendy pair of sunglasses. Most items on the site are going to be simple and utilitarian, but still have real value for the customer. The trick for these product images is to communicate the excitement of the brand in simple product photos. Take a look at the picture of some basic mens accessories below:

It’s not a complicated photo; just a few items that may look uninteresting alone, but together make each item pop through color and arrangement. The bow-tie is clearly the star of the show here, and is probably the feature item they are selling, but the other items compliment it well. In fact, this image has the added benefit of showing the customer additional products they may want to buy along with their initial purchase. Amazon allows for this use of props in your photos. Just make sure it’s in your secondary images and not your main image.

Enhancing Product Features

Let’s assume for a minute that you are selling lightweight, spring scarves on Amazon. Historically, communicating the seasonal dimension of a product is a difficult task and can be confusing for consumers. But this is an easy fix. Along with emphasizing the warm weather nature of your scarf in its title, consider images that clearly highlight the spring nature of the product:

Artsy photos, both on your social media platforms and on your Amazon listings, are a great way to draw in customers and keep their attention once they’re browsing your products. Don’t be intimidated by the process, just start experimenting with your product and see what comes out! Each of the images I used here were shot without any studio lighting, and just with some construction paper as a background. Adding a little bit of playfulness to your listing can go a long way towards building interest in your brand and attracting a young demographic.

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